How Much Weight Can I Lose in 8 Weeks by Following The 4-Hour Body Book? And, A Personal Bet

I recently purchased the No. 1 New York Times bestselling book The 4-Hour Body by self help guru Timothy Ferriss, and ended up so engaged that I’ve read it (well, all the parts most relevant to me) twice in 2 days.

This is the book’s cover:


Obviously to me and 75% of the other people who’ve read this book, the most compelling sections of it are those dedicated to fat loss. Tim goes into detail about the value of starting small, tracking progress, following an effective diet and doing sometimes strange sounding things to add leverage to the whole program. If fat loss or muscle gain are something you are interested in, I recommend that you buy this book immediately.

I’ve read a lot of books on this subject, and the best books out there (such as Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto) are often excellent. The difference with Tim’s writing is that not only is it information dense, it also inspires practical action on every page. It fires you up, but also gives you the tools to do something with that motivation. Perfect for that time in someone’s life that Tim describes as their "Harajuku Moment”.

I’m not a newbie to the health and fitness movement. When I was 16 years old, I competed in my first Under 21 IFBB bodybuilding competition at a low single digit body fat percentage. Here’s a photo from that show, weighing in at 62kg:


I didn’t place well or anything- but that wasn’t the point, and I was by far the youngest competitor there. I did it to prove to myself that I could. Eating primarily fish and vegetables with hardly any carbs for 12 weeks makes for one very cranky teenager.

In the time since then, I kept up my passionate enthusiasm for training, eating right, and looking after myself, generally weighing in at a muscular 71-74kg. Over the last 2 years, though, that commitment to my health and fitness somehow fell to pieces. They say that nobody wakes up one morning suddenly being fat, it’s rather the result of repeated bad choices that have compounded over several days, weeks and months. My weight today: 87kg.

Maybe the cause of getting fat was starting a new business, working ridiculous hours and managing stress badly and snacking on “comfort foods”, maybe it was getting into a serious relationship (which is wonderful, by the way) and having less idle time available, maybe it was all the travel, maybe it was eating out all the time… maybe it was all of the above. But making excuses and postulating about the past doesn’t change a thing. I’m still a whopping 14kg over my regular weight, and no amount of post-rationalization will change that.

Armed with the principles from The 4-Hour Body, I’ve decided to make the┬áchange. Of course I have decided to try to make changes before, and failed. Life happens. As they say in boxing, “Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face.” But this time it’s different- this time I’m putting my goal out there in public for my all my friends to see! This idea was sparked by a psychology hack discussed in the book where people who made public bets and faced humiliation if they didn’t win were far more likely to achieve their goals.

So here is my bet: I’ll wager anybody who takes me up on it 100 bucks that I will drop my weight to 81kg in next 8 weeks, i.e lose 6kg (13 pounds). Any takers? Just email me or leave a comment. I’ll be tracking my progress publicly on this cool data measurement site here.

This was a tough post to write, but there’s no turning back now. Wish me luck!

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