Office101: Handling Liquids on Desk (And A BP Joke)

Many years ago, in a conversation around desk habits for tech folk, my über-developer friend Kishyr Ramdial gave me some golden advice: no un-contained liquids near your computer.

It’s a simple, crucial rule. For example:
  • Bottle of water near the laptop? Fine. 
  • Cup of coffee? No way. Solution: move the coffee far enough away to avoid spill damage, should an accident occur.
Forget this habit one too many times and you will be punished, as I was today. People working in startups should pay special attention, because they are more likely to spend time eating and drinking at their desks, like I do.
Luckily for me, the keyboard survived :-)

Speaking of coffee spills, check out this hilarious parody of the BP oil disaster: